Sandyford Central

Project Name

Sandyford Central



Main Contractor:

John Paul Construction

Contract Period:


Site Enabling Works

  • Site Setup (installation of temp services to Compound)
  • Creation of Additional Site entrances at Carmanhall Road, Blackthorn Drive (Realignment of Kerbs and Dishing of Paths)
  • Adjustment to Chamber with Paths
  • Demolition and Alteration of Existing Site Hoarding x 305mts (Disposal of Concrete off site)
  • Break out concrete footpath at site boundary and hand dig around ESB cables to facilitate disconnection of ESB Substation. Back fill with sand and install stone back to surface level.
  • Demolition of Existing ESB Sub Station
  • Break Overburden of Rock at Rockbrook for rock Stabilization
  • Backfill around existing watermain and install 100mm temp slab, Blackthorn drive entrance gates to site – 5m wide by with of the site
  • Remove Blockwork Wall to Carmanhall Road (20mts)
  • Demolish Existing Paths left on Site

Pile Attendance

  • M&N to Provide Pile Attendance to PJE as required (14t Excavator + 9t Dumper)
  • Disposal of Pile Arisings (1297m3)

Main Site Works

  • Excavate and Dispose 10k + m3 Inert Material (All inert Material to Roadstone)
    • Basement Dig
    • Attenuation Tanks
    • Foundations
    • Lift Pits
    • Cores
    • Crane Bases
    • Deepening’s
  • Installation of Piling Matt (6500m2)
  • Installation of Blinding
  • Installation of 3500m3 Leanmix to underside of Foundion
    • Installation of Drainage,
      • Installation of all Basement level Drainage
      • Installation of Podium Level Drainage
      • Includes all Bedding & Surrounds & Backfilling as required
    • Services & Ducting,
      • Installation of all Services and Ducting (Below Ground)
      • Include all Bedding & Surrounds & Backfilling as required
    • Roads Paths & Pavement (Making up Levels only)
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