Campus Enabling Works Phase 6 Data Centres

Project Name

Campus Enabling Works Phase 6 Data Centres


Blue Chip Company




West Dublin

Main Contractor:

John Sisk & Sons

Contract Period:

April 2016 - April 2017

  • Site Prep & Infrastructure Works for Four new data Centre 60,000m2.
  • Bulk Excavation & Disposal Off Site 80,000m3 Greenfield Inert plus site clearance & mulching of existing hedges and tree.
  • Demolition of existing house and disposal to licensed facilities.
  • Diverting 350m existing drain.
  • Attenuation Tank 30,000m3 excavate & disposal, installing 1500 dia pipes surrounded in concrete backfill
  • Bulk filling 50,000m3 stone.
  • Pad Foundations & Bulk Filling Lean mix and backfilling on completion.
  • 1km 600 deep concrete dia SW pipeline up to 6.5m deep with associated rock breaking & earthworks supports.
  • Landscaping and construction new Berms 20,000m3.
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