Grey Abbey View

Project Name

Grey Abbey View


Glenveagh Homes




Grey Abbey Road, Co Kildare

Main Contractor:

Glenveagh Homes

Contract Period:

August 2022-December 2023

M&N were appointed by Glenveagh Homes Ltd as PSCS to carry out  the Earthworks and Civil Engineering works for Grey Abbey View in Kildare.

The scope of works included:

  • The establishment of the site compound and project offices including, wheel wash and weigh bridge facilitates, full time road sweeping on local roads, plant storage and material set down areas including COSH quarantine areas, dedicated carparking and pedestrian routes, new site entrance arrangement and local road upgrade under Chapter 8 TM Controls and construction of a permanent internal road network (12,000m2)
  • Temporary earthworks haul road access tracks, site clearance within ecological sensitive windows, topsoil strip, significant earthworks and reprofiling of the site
  • Installation of 7km storm, foul and filter drains, swale linear drainage, 5km of watermain up 225mm, 8.5km of utility ducting including the protection of existing underground and overground utility services, power lines, palisade and stock proof fencing was also provided.
  • Topsoil reinstatement, grass seeding temporary soil storage bunds, construction of 3 no. storm attenuation storage units and an 8m deep foul pumping station within a temporary sheet piled
  • The earthworks and deep drainage were complex and challenging due to the presence of a high-water table located within the sensitive Curragh Aquifer.
  • The site levels were reprofiled by up to 2.5m in level using imported 38,000 m3 of Class 2C earthworks material together with imported 6F2 material under the internal road network.
  • Surface water and environmental enhancement measures were employed to treat and attenuate ground water encountered whilst undertaking the deep storm drainage pipelines, ranging in diameter up to 1050mm at depths    of 5m and from the 8m deep foul pumping station.
  • Ground water encountered at various depths ranging from 0.5m to 4.5m below EGL, was lowered using a series of 6-inch pumps / dewatering wells under a permit to pump system. The water was discharged directly into a temporary 2m high, 1 acre attenuation / settlement pond, designed, sized and constructed on site.
  • The attenuation pond was subdivided into 3 compartment cells / baffles to allow any silt laden particles to settle out whilst passing from cell to cell prior to discharge to a local stream. Water quality monitoring and discharge rates were restricted to greenfield run-off rates, so as not to impact on the local watercourses, which was agreed with Kildare County Siltation dams consisting of strawbales wrapped in slit membranes were strategically positioned at the discharge location.
  • M&N liaised with all stakeholders including Kildare County Council, TII, Utility Providers and Garda for the successful construction of the new development entrance / foul and surface pipelines connections. This involved the development of Risk Assessment / Method Statements, Traffic Management Plan, TTMP, attending traffic liaison meetings, applying for road opening licence and early engagement with the designer in relation to surveys / pavement tie-in, in the vicinity of M7 Motorway Junction 13 and Kildare Outlet V

M&N used our expertly trained and experienced workforce and modern equipment, using the latest technology, to maintain the highest standards of quality, finish, and workmanship during construction.

M&N employed good earthworks techniques and controls in the placement of the earthworks material including dust mitigation, surface water control and noise and vibration control, within a tight earthworks program window.

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