Project Name







North Wall Quay Dublin

Main Contractor:

PJ Hegarty And Sons

Contract Period:

January 2023-Present

M&N Scope of works:

  • Removal of 10,000m3 Contaminated Pile Arisings
  • Pile Attendance for Completion of Secant Pile Wall
  • Bulk Excavation and Removal off Site of 135,000m3 of material.
  • Highly Contaminated Site with a large amount of soil remediation taking place
  • 30,000m3 of Contaminated  Material across 5 Disposal Categories to be removed off site
  • Dig will reach a depth of 16 meters at formation level
  • Installation of 1,500m3 of Piling Matt
  • Installation of Groundforce Propping System along with all Ancillary works
  • Cropping of Bearing Piles 200 +
  • Installation of Concrete Blinding at Formation.

This is a complex Dig as two sides of the Dig  have to be stepped as per provided TWD to the full depth of 16 meters.

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