The Frame

Project Name

The Frame


Irish Life




Baggot Street Lower Dublin

Main Contractor:

John Sisk & Sons

Contract Period:

February 2023-November 2023

M&N scope of works included:

  • Completion of demolition works on site to basement walls and floor slabs
  • Importing of 500m3 of piling matt
  • Pile attendance for the duration of piling works
  • Installation of groundforce flying shores
  • Bulk excavation and removal off site of 16,000m3 of material including 3,000m3 of contaminated Material.

This project was undertaken in a highly congested area of Dublin with extremely high pedestrian footfall on access and egress. The propping design is of a unique nature in that it had to be installed at an angle of up to 11 degrees as there was a height difference in capping beam levels on either end of the excavation.

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