Data Centre Phase 4 DUB07/08

Project Name

Data Centre Phase 4 DUB07/08


Blue Chip Company




West Dublin

Main Contractor:

John Sisk & Sons

Contract Period:

Nov 2015 -Aug 2018

• 32,000m2 New Data Centres to existing Campus
• Bulk Excavation & Disposal Off Site 50,000m3 Greenfield Inert. Rock Breaking 6000m3
• Site Prep bulk filling Hardcore & laying Terram.
• Pad Foundations & Bulk Filling Lean mix and backfilling on completion.
• Filling floor to grading levels and installing internal Drainage/Radon & Pop Ups.
• Ducting & Drainage FW/SW & deep Petrol Interceptors Installation.
• 400m deep 750mdia SW drainage ranging from 2.5-6.5m deep.
• Watermains/Sprinkler Mains Installation.
• Sprinkler Tanks & Pump House associated works.
• Connection to existing live services and working in live data Centre environment.
• Concrete Footpaths & Paving.
• Precast/In Situ Kerbing & Grading for roads.
• Landscaping and Berm Works on Completion.

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